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Our mission at DelVal Solar is to enable you to take full advantage of all of the benefits that Solar Energy has to offer, while contributing to America’s energy independence and a bright future for the Delaware Valley.

Our Specialty Areas


Increase your association's cash flow. DelVal Solar creates solar energy solutions that turn unused spaces like clubhouse rooftops into cost saving and revenue generating assets.

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Get more yield from your farmland. Agrivoltaics can help optimize crop growth while earning you additional income from the excess energy your Agrivoltaics system produces.

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Solution Options

Pitched Roof

The least expensive option. Because it's direction and location cannot be adjusted as needed, it often offers the least amount of performance

Flat Roof

These can be placed at any direction or angle to assure maximum performance. System is ballistered so the roof never needs to be penetrated.

Ground Mount

Like flat roof systems, these can be placed at any direction or angle to assure maximum performance. Often used in Agrivoltaics solutions

Car Port

A great alternative when roof space or ground areas are not an option. Turn your parking lot into a source of revenue from excess energy it generates.

Benefits of Solar

Great Return On Your Investment

Government incentives and the decrease of solar equipment costs means the utilization of solar power is a sound investment and a good financial decision. Investing in solar power generates long-term savings, revenue, and a quick payback, often in as little as two years.

Reduce and Control Costs

Energy from the grid is a variable cost per month that is increasing every year. Going Solar saves you from price increases, significantly reduces your overall costs, and makes them less variable and more predictable. After time, your energy becomes virtually free.

Reliable and Low Maintenance

Photovoltaic systems use a chemical process to generate energy, not a mechanical one. This makes them mechanically simple and requiring very little maintenance except occasional cleaning. They provide electricity quietly, cleanly and safely for 25 to 40 years. Our solar panels carry a 30-year warranty.

Positive Public Image

Enhance your image by showing the public that you care about the environment and America's energy independence. 89% of Americans view solar power generation as an important and positive goal for America's future. Use your participation towards this goal as a great PR and Marketing tool.

Our Services Include

System Design

We design custom systems for your specific needs utilizing the latest software and technologies to assure the optimal output and operation of your system.


We have in-house, certified Solar Engineers design and submit all photovoltaic plans to assure that there are no unexpected electrical issues with your system.

Permit Approvals

We write and submit all permits and approvals for you including the PTO (Permission to Operate). Our experience allows us to alleviate complications during the process.

System Build

Our solutions are built by fully tenured, skilled electricians that follow the approved "by you" engineered plans, safety procedures and quality control.

From design, to permits, to building and maintenance, DelVal Solar has the expertise to create and maintain the optimal photovoltaic solution for your Condo Association. Don't wait for government incentives to be reduced or run out!


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